“Since starting a relationship with Uri, we’ve seen greater interest in our products,
both from investors as well as end-users.”

Compelling messages emerge when form and substance are merged.

  • Photo of Uri Gordon - Roshem Global - Services PageYou’ve a 5-minute presentation to make in a pitch competition?
  • You’ve a need to refine your elevator pitch?
  • You’ve been allotted 15 minutes to address a panel of HNWI/investors?
  • You want to align your written and oral communication?


Roshem Global works with you to think through your projects, anticipate client needs, frame the scope and sequence of a presentation, and identify what to do – and not do – when communicating your message.

Roshem Global personalized services include:

  • Videotaping and joint review
  • Joint assessment via metrics and rubrics that concretize and illustrate success as well as opportunities for growth
  • Learning how to leverage aids/props so that they serve, rather than distract from, your message

Roshem Global offers numerous frameworks – adapted to your needs – to bring clarity and authenticity to your meetings.

The Triple Alignment:

Is what you think aligned with both what you say and with what is heard?