“A strategic thinker, Uri asks the right questions that force us to constantly raise our game.”

Photo of Uri Gordon - Roshem Global - Examples Page Photo
Common issues facing, and questions raised by, Roshem Global clients:

  • “Why are they not investing in me and my product?”
  • “We speak English well.  Why do they not understand me?”
  • “How do I whittle down 45 minutes into a 10-minute presentation?”
  • “I freeze when speaking in front of hundreds of people.  Help!”
  • “My product is so interesting; why are they not as excited?”
  • “I have great data. Why do they look so confused?”


In working with Roshem Global, our clients transform themselves into powerful speakers with compelling messages, with their props and slides only helping them rather than dictating to them when and how to speak.

Respect your customer.  Acknowledge what you do not know.  Earn trust.